About Boyce Auto Repair.

Our Guiding Values

Boyce Auto Repair was founded by Christine and Joe Boyce in March 2021 to serve the people of Northfield, Ohio. After nearly two decades of servicing vehicles in the Cleveland area, the Boyces decided to open a shop under their own name. They have always been committed to high-quality service, honesty and integrity, and they are excited to bring those values to Boyce Auto Repair.

Boyce Auto Repair’s team of auto repair experts is fair, compassionate and hardworking. They know how important a well-running vehicle is — because you depend on it for transportation. No one wants the stress of an unreliable car or sudden breakdown. At Boyce Auto Repair, we will work with you to keep your vehicle running smoothly for the duration of its life.

Positive customer experiences and relationships are at the heart of Boyce Auto Repair. We want you to feel comfortable about bringing your vehicle in for maintenance and repairs. At Boyce, you will find local auto repair expert technicians who are as invested in your vehicle’s performance as you are. We will get the job done right the first time and get you back on the road quickly.

We Provide a Wide Range of Services, Including:

  • Belt and hose care: Our team will inspect your belts and hoses for any degradation, leaks or damage, replacing or repairing as necessary.
  • Brake and rotor care: Our team will keep your brakes working — and keep you safe on the road.
  • Diagnostic testing: Our technicians will run diagnostic tests to pinpoint exactly what your car needs.
  • Heating and cooling servicing: We will ensure your vehicle is warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
  • Muffler and exhaust care: We will use our unique tools and expertise to repair any issues with your muffler or exhaust system .
  • Oil changes and maintenance: We will handle the regular oil changes that help your engine run efficiently and increase your gas mileage.
  • Shocks and struts services: We will minimize the bumpiness of your ride with our shocks and struts maintenance program .
  • Steering and suspension care: Our team will inspect and align your vehicle to prevent uneven tire wear and steering wheel pull.
  • Wheel and tire care: We will inspect, rotate and (when needed) replace your tires.

Regular vehicle maintenance is an important part of extending your vehicle’s life and keeping it running well. While it may be tempting to put off maintenance until something breaks, this strategy will end up costing you more in the long run. Many car issues develop over time, so bringing your vehicle in for maintenance and inspections can save you the time and cost of a major repair later. Our team will identify and fix any issues as they arise.

Trust your vehicle to Boyce Auto Repair.